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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Are you in search of a great facility for sports injury rehabilitation? A chiropractor at Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group in Beverly Hills would love to help. Below is more information about our sports injury rehabilitation program. 

Football player getting consultation from chiropractor

Sports Injury Rehab

As an athlete, you subject your body to all kinds of injuries. Even if you are careful, injuries can happen in your sport. Sometimes, an injury can be so great that your coach may recommend rehab to get you back to your best physical self. Strains and sprains, tendonitis, tears, chronic pain in the back and neck, and other injuries can be a result of participating in sports. Luckily, a chiropractor can help relieve and eliminate pain from these injuries, as well as help heal you so that you can go back to playing your sport in the best condition possible. 

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Our chiropractic team can help you heal of your sports injuries through rehab. A combination of treatments can help. These treatments include chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and physical therapy. 

Chiropractic adjustments involve manipulating the back to realign the spine with the neck. Doing this can take off pressure from muscles, tendons, and other soft tissue, relieving these areas of pain and giving them a chance to heal. 

Massage therapy is another type of treatment that can help speed up the healing process. Pain, tight muscles and sports-related injuries can heal faster by adding massage therapy to your treatment plan. Swedish massage is the most common type of massage and involves the masseuse using long, circular strokes along muscles and other soft tissue. Massages can help relax tight muscles, give your body more flexible, allow for more blood flow, and more.

Physical therapy can also help you recover from a sports-related injury. Physical therapy may include a combination of exercises, which are chosen based on the type and severity of the injury you have. Using a treadmill to walk, stretching, using a balance board to stand on, strength training, and riding on a stationary bicycle are all part of physical therapy treatments. It may also be recommended to perform some of the stretching exercises at home, in between treatments, to help speed up the healing process.

Make an appointment with us so that we can diagnose you and begin your treatment plan for recovery.

Beverly Hills Chiropractic Group

Make an appointment as soon as you can to get your sports injury rehab program started. You can visit us at Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group, 8530 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 250
Beverly Hills, CA 90211. You can also make an appointment over the phone by calling 310-657-0366.