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Frequently Asked Questions About Physical Therapy

If you're struggling to overcome an acute injury or chronic health condition that limits your physical abilities, you may be directed toward physical therapy as part of a customized recovery, health and wellness program. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions so you can get a better idea of what physical therapy can do for you.

Answers from Our Beverly Hills Chiropractor

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What does physical therapy involve? Each physical therapy program is customized to the patient's needs and state of health. Typical physical therapy exercises may include walking on a treadmill, riding a stationary bicycle, standing on a balance board, strength training, and stretching exercises. You may also benefit from Activities of Daily Living (ADL) therapy if you need to retrain your body to perform basic everyday tasks.

How does physical therapy complement other treatments? Physical therapy is a powerful complement to other treatments designed to restore normal physical function. The body is a combination of many different physical systems that must work together in harmony, so when one system is affected, others are usually impaired as well. Multiple treatment methods help us address your physical challenge holistically as a "whole body" approach to health. For example, a back injury may require chiropractic adjustment to correct a misalignment as well as physical therapy to strengthen the back muscles for better spinal support.

Does physical therapy hurt? Physical therapy itself should not any cause pain or damage when properly administered by our experienced therapists. But some exercises can, and probably will, cause temporary soreness simply because they're designed to challenge stiff or weakened tissues. This soreness subsides as the muscles and ligaments regain their strength and flexibility -- and your symptoms might only grow progressively worse without physical therapy.

Why do I need to continue physical therapy even after my pain is gone? It is always advisable to complete a full course of physical therapy even after you feel fine and can move well again. If you suffered an injury, you want to make certain that the tissues have built up enough strength to avoid another similar injury in the future. If you have chronic pain, you may need to report for physical therapy on a regular basis to manage your pain more effectively without drugs.

Can older/younger people benefit from physical therapy? Children with birth defects or developmental disorders can use it to overcome their challenges as early in life as possible, while seniors find it helpful to keep degenerated joints moving more freely and less painfully. Athletes routinely use physical therapy to rehab injuries, but anyone of any age can use it for the same reason.

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