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The workplace is one of the most common locations for people to get injuries. This is because a person with a full-time job will spend at least eight hours there every workday. In turn, that extended amount of time allows sub-optimal conditions and practices to cause too much stress on the body. Here are some of the common injuries associated with work and how a chiropractor at our Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group in Beverly Hills, CA can help.

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Repetitive Stress Injuries

Repetitive stress injuries are likely the most common injuries in today's working world. They are caused, in part, by doing the same thing over and over. Repeated lifting, cradling a phone receiver between your head and shoulder, typing, and ringing up groceries are all sources of repetitive stress injuries. These injuries can cause pains in the back, neck, wrists, and other body parts.

Often, the conditions that cause repetitive stress injuries include poor ergonomics. Chairs and desks that are the wrong height, monitors that aren't set up at eye level, and items that aren't within easy reach all put constant strain on your body. Correct your work area's ergonomics if at all possible.

Back and Neck Strain

Improper lifting and overexertion are some of the biggest causes of work-related back pain. It's important to always lift from the knees instead of bending the back, and if your job requires frequent lifting, errors here will quickly result in serious pain. Be careful of overexertion, too – especially if you do not usually lift things.

Neck problems are often caused by postural issues. Cradling a phone between your head and shoulder will get your neck and shoulder hurting quickly. The same goes for twisting your neck to look too far over your shoulder. Avoid these motions to minimize your chance of injury.

Common Accidents

Slips and falls are the most common accidents in the workplace. Unexpected floor hazards can easily send you to the ground. Falls can directly bruise your tailbone, force you to twist as you try to keep your footing, and otherwise cause damage.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Chiropractors typically start by examining your spine, since the spine is considered the foundation of the body. Any misalignments are corrected as part of treatment. Other treatments, such as therapeutic massage or corrective exercises, are added as your case requires. You will also get advice for fixing your work area or changing your working practices, too.

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