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Frequently Asked Questions About Colds From Our Primary Care Doctor

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The common cold is all too aptly named, with up to 1 billion colds experienced in the U.S. each year. What is this omnipresent menace, and how can you defend against it? Here are the answers to some frequently ask questions about colds from our primary care doctor at Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group.

  • Why is it impossible simply to cure the common cold? There's no cure for the cold simply because there's no single "common cold virus." What you experience as a cold may stem from any of 200 different upper respiratory viruses, ranging from multitudes of rhinoviruses to coronavirus and parainfluenza viruses, making the specific cause of your cold (and therefore the cure for it) impossible to discern.
  • Can antibiotics treat a cold? Contrary to what some might think, antibiotics cannot help you get over a cold. These drugs are only valuable against bacterial infections -- they have no effect on viral infections. But if your body is already battling a bacterial infection, antibiotics to tame that infection may free your immune system to fight your cold more efficiently.
  • What's the difference between a cold and the flu? Colds and the flu have many overlapping symptoms; the difference is often a matter of degree. For instance, a cold may produce only a mild fever, while influenza can raise your temperature into the triple digits. the flue may also cause debilitating fatigue that lasts for weeks, as well as vomiting and/or diarrhea. (On the other hand, a cold is more likely to give you a stuffy nose.)
  • Why are some people more vulnerable to colds? Constant exposure to other people can raise the risk of viral transmission, especially in children under 6 years of age who participate in daycare. Smoking also seems to raise the risk (and severity) of colds. Poorly-functioning immune systems can definitely open the door to frequent colds.
  • Can chiropractic treatment actually help me ward off colds? Chiropractic treatment can indeed help you improve your resistance against cold viruses. By correcting your spinal alignment, we're able to optimize your nervous system function. Since the nervous system regulates the immune system, these corrections can lessen your vulnerability to colds and other contagious illnesses by giving your body the best possible chance of fighting them.
  • What other cold treatment and prevention techniques can your primary care doctor provide? Our primary care doctor, Dr. Colville, may recommend a variety of treatments to help you cope with a cold, from antihistamines and decongestant medications to advice on rest, diet, nutrition and risk reducers such as smoking cessation.

Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group Can Help You Make That Common Cold Less Common

If you're ready to take the "common" out of your bouts with the common cold, make an appointment with Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group at (310) 657-0366. See for yourself whether we can help you enjoy a life with fewer colds! 


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