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pain reliefChiropractic Therapy and Pain Relief in Beverly Hills

The chiropractic and physical therapy services at Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group are designed to help you recover from an injury and maintain your overall health.

Chiropractic Services for Pain Relief

Many conditions causing back and neck pain can be treated with spinal manipulation and other non-surgical chiropractic methods at our clinic. To help alleviate your pain, our chiropractor will manually adjust your spine by gently forcing it to move just beyond its usual range of motion, back into the correct position. Gentle adjustments can also be done using a handheld chiropractic tool, which is a less forceful method than manual adjustments.

Flexion Distraction is another gentle chiropractic adjustment method suitable for treating bulging or herniated discs. During this procedure you will lay on a moving table that helps stretch the spine while the chiropractor applies a soft pressure to your back. Flexion Distraction treatments help resolve back pain by stretching the spine- the increased space between the vertebrae allows the bulging disc to fit back into a more normal position.

Chiropractic Services and Therapy for Injury Rehabilitation

At our Beverly Hills clinic, our chiropractor and staff perform physical therapy  exercises to help you recover from injuries caused by sports, auto or work accidents, or everyday wear and tear from an active lifestyle. Our individualized injury rehab treatment plans include the exercises along with passive stretching. This helps reduce muscular spasms and restores range of motion to the injured area. Once the injury has healed, our clinic teaches patients at home exercises to keep the injury from returning.

Other forms of therapy offered at our clinic include Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and massage therapy. ADL therapy is especially useful for patients who have suffered a very debilitating injury. Massage releases muscle constriction to help injuries heal more quickly, especially when paired with other chiropractic treatments.

Weight Loss for Your Back and Joints at BHCMG

Excess body weight causes extra spine and joint pressure, potentially affecting posture. A healthy diet and physique can play an important role in your Chiropractic treatment. If necessary, our physicians may prescribe supplements or medications to expedite healing and help prevent disc degeneration. Another service offered at our clinic is weight loss assistance through the execuSlim program. To determine the best plan for you before beginning the program you will undergo a thorough physical medical examination and an analysis of your weight and body fat. All of our services offered at our Beverly Hills office work together to help you achieve your health goals from head to toe.

To schedule an appointment to discuss your chiropractic and health needs, please contact our office at 310-657-0366.