Treating Fibromyalgia Effectively

Fibromyalgia is a disorder of the musculoskeletal system that causes pain, sleep disorders, cognitive difficulties, and mood issues. Often it is caused by infections, physical trauma, surgery, or stress. Women are more likely to get this disease than men. Many patients that have the disorder suffer from headaches, TMJ, restless leg syndrome, and irritable bowel syndrome. At Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group, we offer chiropractic care to help relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Our office is conveniently in Beverly Hills, but we are happy to serve the surrounding areas.


Diagnosis and First Visit

When you come to our office, we will ask you about your medical history, learn about your primary care physician or specialist, and have you examine by one of our medical staff members before seeing our doctors. Your physician may order blood samples and X-rays, and give you a physical exam to determine the best treatment for your case. We may have you fill out a pain questionnaire or test the level of pain by pressing on muscles in the back, arms, legs, shoulders, and neck.  After all test results come back, we will write a report of the findings and make recommendations for effective therapies.

Treatments for Fibromyalgia

Spinal adjustment is one non-invasive therapy used for fibromyalgia. Your chiropractor may use his hands or a small instrument to apply force to the joints and muscles of the body. Spinal adjustment helps relieve pain and improve movement. Spinal decompression is another therapy that uses motorized traction to align the spine and disc properly. These therapies can be customized for each patient.

Physical therapy is another treatment that may help with pain and range of motion. Often patients with this disease stop exercising and moving due to the excruciating pain they are experiencing. Your physical therapist can design special exercises to help decrease your pain and improve movement. Physical therapy also involves passive stretching, performing actions over and over again, joint manipulations, walking, and lifting weights. 

Massage therapy is sometimes combined with other treatments to maximize results. Massage helps improve muscle stiffness, increases blood flow, and relieve stress.  Your chiropractor will customize a program for you that meets your needs.

Don’t Let Fibromyalgia Affect Your Life. Seek Treatment at Our Multi-Disciplinary Practice Today

At Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group, we have a team of health experts who work with patients to help improve their lives. If you or a family member suffer from fibromyalgia, call our multi-disciplinary practice in Beverly Hills at 310-657-0366 to make an appointment.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "They care and have a nice time doing it. I am thinking of going back again, but I am too embarrassed about not having continued with the exercises he prescribed. He said, Do them or you will come back here with worse...and guess what? I am too embarrassed to go back! But still will, I think..."
    Sydney J.
  • "Dr.Dan and his staff are the best! This team runs like a well oiled machine. They work diligently to get you in and out on time for your appointment. I tweaked my back and Dr.Dan and his staff helped me get back on my feet in now time! I highly recommend them."
    Tonissa M.