Pediatric Physicals

Pediatric Physicals In Beverly Hills

Growing up, many people have memories of going to the doctor for their annual checkup. Unfortunately, as people get older, they start to overlook the importance of these annual exams. For children, primary care and a physical exam are an important part of making sure that kids are growing and developing appropriately. When it comes time for a checkup for kids and infants, several important topics that are going to be discussed. The team from Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group in Beverly Hills is here to discuss this information.


Nutrition Plays an Important Role in Development

One of the most important topics that will be discussed at the annual physical is a child's nutrition. Diet and nutrition play such an important role in the development of a child, and in an era when childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions, this is more important than ever before. Children need an adequate intake of iron, calcium, vitamins, and minerals in their diet. Our trained primary care doctors can help make sure that this happens.

Exercise is Key To Healthy Weight

Children are supposed to play, and this means making sure that they are getting enough exercise. Kids today spend too much time playing on their phones or sitting in front of a TV. Kids are supposed to be outside, running around, getting their exercise. This will go a long way toward making sure that children not only stay at a healthy weight but also socialize appropriately with their peers.

A Physical Exam is a Must

After discussing with you about your child's development, your primary care physician is going to perform a detailed physical exam. A physical exam help make sure that children are developing appropriately. Your doctor is going to make sure that your child does not have scoliosis, which is an abnormal curvature of the spine, and that your child's height and weight are tracking appropriately. Your physician is also going to test various muscle groups to ensure that these are functioning normally. Of course, it is normal for kids to be nervous when they visit the doctor, and our team is here to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Rely on Our Trained Pediatric Physicians in Beverly Hills 

Kids and infants need to receive an annual checkup to ensure that they are growing and developing appropriately. At Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group, we are here to provide comprehensive care for every child. We believe that every child deserves access to high-quality healthcare. Please call us today at 310-657-0366 to make an appointment.


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    Sydney J.
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