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ExecuSlim Weight Loss FAQ in Beverly Hills 

If you are ready to make a change in your life with an effective weight loss solution in Beverly Hills, consider ExecuSlim Weight Loss. As an integrative health facility, we provide ExecuSlim under the care of a primary doctor and chiropractor at the Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group. Discover the difference that a weight management plan prescribed by a physician can do for your overall health and wellness. 

ExecuSlim Weight Loss in Beverly Hills

What is the ExecuSlim Weight Loss Program?

The ExecuSlim Weight Loss program focuses on comprehensive nutritional intake. By focusing on the right types of nutrition to meet your caloric and energy requirements, you can optimize weight loss without starvation or yo-yo dieting. We make weight loss natural so that it is easier to maintain your weight loss for the long-term. In addition to altering your meals, we may also prescribe supplements depending on your metabolism and nutritional needs. If needed we can also prescribe medication to help kick start your weight loss. 

Is Exercise Included in the Program?

The final part of the ExecuSlim Weight Loss program is physician-supervised exercise. We will work with you to devise a workout program that you can do safely. The combination of nutrition and exercise gives you the best possible outcome for natural weight loss in Beverly Hills. 

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Results vary, of course, depending on the individual. However, you can lose five to 10 pounds within the first week, followed by 15 to 20 pounds of weight dropped within the first month. This requires you to follow the ExecuSlim Weight Loss program as prescribed by the medical team at the Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group.

What can I Expect During My First Visit to the Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group for the ExecuSlim Weight Loss Program?

As a medical professional it is our goal to provide you with a safe weight loss program. In order to accomplish this goal, we conduct an initial evaluation that includes a comprehensive physical exam. This includes a weight and body fat analysis, blood panel, and full medical consultation where you learn all of the details about how the ExecuSlim Weight Loss Program works. We also provide you with a supplemental injection and FDA-approved suppressants, if needed, during your initial visit. These supplements may include Zone products, which are used continually throughout the program for optimal weight loss and weight management.   

How Can I Reach a Chiropractor in Beverly Hills to Start the ExecuSlim Weight Loss Program?

If you are ready to start with ExecuSlim Weight Loss in Beverly Hills, we want to help you. In addition to weight loss via ExecuSlim, Drs. Jacobsen, D.C. and Colville, D.O. offer primary medical care for your entire family and chiropractic care. Contact the Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group to schedule an appointment for ExecuSlim Weight Loss solutions today by calling 310-657-0366. We look forward to treating you with medical weight loss solutions as your leading chiropractor and primary care doctor.