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Beverly Hills Chiropractor Combats Headaches and Migraines

migraine_headache_pain_med.jpgThe most common approach to headaches and migraines is to take a painkiller and wade through until the pain dissipates. There are other approaches, however, that go even deeper toward addressing the reasons behind the headaches with the goal of lessening their severity and frequency over the long term. Here at Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group in Beverly Hills, our doctors and chiropractor work together to get to the bottom of the suffering and provide lasting relief for headaches and migraines. In many cases, chiropractic spinal adjustments and lifestyle adjustments can go a long way toward making life better for those with migraines and headaches.

Find Lasting Pain Relief for Headaches and Migraines

Pain in the body, particularly pain from headaches and migraines, can be a signal that your body has an underlying problem. In other words, the headache or migraine is more often a symptom rather than a stand-alone issue. When we examine patients who struggle with these and other pain symptoms, we evaluate their spinal alignment, particularly in the neck area. Often nerves pinched in the cervical spine area serve as culprits in headache and migraine pain. In our experience, correcting postural problems has led to marked and lasting pain relief. Depending on how out-of-alignment the spine is, it may take a series of adjustments, along with physical therapy to strengthen the muscles supporting the spine, to realize long-term relief.

In addition to addressing postural problems that may be causing headaches and migraines, our doctors also focus on lifestyle triggers that may aggravate painful episodes. Stress, for example, is one of the major precursors to headache pain. Stress causes people’s neck and shoulder muscles to tighten up, which can also adversely affect posture and cause tension headaches. We discuss ways for our patients to relieve stress in their lives.

Nutrition and sleep are two other factors in triggering or avoiding a headache or a migraine. We suggest that people who struggle with frequent painful episodes keep a log of the things they were eating, drinking, doing and experiencing just before their headaches arrived. For many people, chemicals and additives in foods are a trigger—caffeine, aged cheeses, processed meats and alcoholic beverages are frequent triggers. Some people notice that when they skip meals or have an irregular eating schedule, blood sugar swings can trigger a headache.

Dehydration is another frequent problem, as is not getting enough sleep at night. Sometimes exposure to second hand smoke, other intense smells, bright lights or sudden exertions and loud noises were the triggers. We recommend discovering your triggers and then working to avoid them. Staying on a regular meal schedule, focusing on good nutrition, hydration and regular sleep has helped many of our patients find long-term relief.

Headache and migraine pain is a serious issue that you should not ignore or simply endure. Call us at 310-657-0366 to schedule an appointment and start experiencing the relief you need and deserve.