Headaches and Migraines: FAQs

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What kind of headaches do I have?

  • There are several types of headaches: tension, migraine, sinus, and the dreaded cluster headache:
  • Tension headaches feel tight around the forehead; this tightness and pain can also spread into the neck as well. Stress, dehydration, whiplash are common tension headache triggers.
  • Migraines are characterized by intense pain and throbbing around the sides of the head (one or both). Sometimes they are preceded by visual disturbances called “aura” and they often include nausea and extreme sensitivity to light and noise; unfortunately, they can last for days. Triggers include certain foods, dehydration, poor sleep patterns, stress, lights, noises and even exercise.
  • Sinus headaches involve sharp pain around the eyes, cheeks and forehead where your sinuses are located. There may also be puffiness, all due to congestion in the sinuses.
  • Cluster headaches are rare, but truly terrible. They often waken their victims overnight with a stabbing, sudden pain on one side, or in one eye. As the name indicates, they come in clusters and may attack for weeks or months, disappearing for months or even years, only to suddenly crop up again.

What should I do if I feel a headache or migraine coming on?

If you suffer from headaches and migraines, or any other type of headache, it is important to seek treatment. Note any triggers. Our physician and chiropractor work to get you both immediate and long-term relief so that you can get back to life as soon as possible while helping you avoid future headaches.

How do you diagnose headaches and migraines?

During your appointment, we will listen to your symptoms and give you a thorough exam. Our chiropractor will examine your spine in particular to see if there are any misalignments pinching nerves, straining muscles or hampering proper circulation. These are key headache aggravators. We will also discuss lifestyle factors that may trigger your headaches: diet, exercise, irregular sleep patterns, stress, etc. Once we review all of this information, we can discover your underlying headache triggers and work to remove them to alleviate and prevent pain.

What headache and migraine treatments do you use?

Our Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group’s goal is to get you headache relief right away. Initially, we may be able to prescribe medications to accomplish that goal. Our chiropractor can also provide skilled spinal adjustments to relieve pinched nerves that are often an underlying cause. We may also suggest nutritional and lifestyle changes that can help remove other triggers so that headaches and migraines become less frequent and less severe.

Please contact Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group at (310) 657-0366 if you have other questions, or need to come in for relief from headaches and migraines.

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