Cervical Disk Bulge in Beverly Hills, CA

Neck Pain: Cervical Disk Bulge in Beverly Hills

The cervical region of the spine is comprised of seven vertebrae. The cervical vertebrae are connected by tendons, ligaments and muscles. Each disc is ring-shaped and has a hollow canal with nerve fibers. The cervical discs also have a gel that helps with movement and acts as shock absorbers. When a cervical disc is damage, it may bulge and push into the spinal canal. Often, the disc bulges toward one side and causes pain on one side of the body. A cervical disk bulge in Beverly Hills can cause neck pain, shoulder pain and arm pain. There may also be weakness or numbness in the areas. It can also emerge into a herniated disc, where the inner gel seeps out into the spinal canal.

Degenerative disc disease is often the cause of a bulging disc and may even result in spinal osteoarthritis. Over time, cervical discs incur wear and time and begin to weaken and degenerate. Other causes of a bulging cervical disc include injury, strain, poor posture, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. Physicians use a combination of physical exam techniques and imaging tests like MRIs, CT scans and X-rays to diagnose a cervical bulging disc. An EMG may also be performed to determine if the nerves have been affected. Treatment may include pain medications, physical therapy, rest or chiropractor care.

Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group: General and Primary Care

Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group is a unique medical center offering general and primary care, chiropractor care and weight loss. Patients can receive a broad range of services all under one roof for a cervical bulging disc. Our certified health care professionals run diagnostic tests, perform a thorough physical exam and take a full medical history for an accurate diagnosis. If a cervical bulging disc has been diagnosed, treatment may include chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage therapy or spinal decompression therapy. Often, different therapeutic treatment modalities are integrated for optimal patient outcome.

With gentle chiropractic adjustments, the cervical discs are properly realigned into position. This reduces pressure, neck pain and compressed nerves. Often, patients experience some level of pain relief after one adjustment. Spinal decompression therapy entails using a computerized traction table, which increases the space between cervical discs. With physical therapy, patients engage in specific neck exercises to build muscle, reduce neck pain and prevent further injury. Massage therapy is the ideal adjunct treatment for a bulging cervical disc. It reduces muscle spasms, improves mobility and increases blood circulation to the injured area to accelerate the body’s natural healing process. At Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group, the integration of multiple treatment modalities is designed to work synergistically for faster recovery.

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