Low Back Pain

Does it feel like someone has been hammering along your spine? Chronically? Just from time to time? Either way, the talented chiropractors at The Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group, offer top-tier services. Conveniently located in the Beverly Hills, CA, area, we are available for all your needs. 


Lower Back Pain Causes

You're not alone. You don't have to be a chiropractor to sympathize! Most people you meet either have lower back pain now, have had lower back pain in the past, or know people suffering or who have suffered from lower back pain. While walking upright gives us all kinds of advantages, our lower back still wants us on all fours! Each step pushes weight DOWN into our lower back. If you run or exercise heavily, your lower back pays a temporary price for the vibration of your muscles, lungs, and heart. Your job may cause lower back pain if it involves lifting or physical labor—but even just sitting at a desk can bring on lower back pain too!  

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain 

  • Dull, throbbing pain
  • Stabbing pain in the lower back and sides, including the oblique muscles
  • Sciatica
  • Impacted mobility

Duration of more than 90 days is defined as "chronic low back pain.” Pain-related to injury, numbness in the legs, or pain during urination should be brought to our attention immediately.   


Describe your pain, including the type and intensity of it, where it hurts, and any other significant details. Mention any other injuries or symptoms, even if seemingly unrelated. In many cases, X-rays, scans, and other testing may not be necessary.  

Treatment of Lower Back Pain

At-home care includes bed rest, heating pads, warm baths and showers, ibuprofen and other over-the-counter medications, and topical lotions. Your Beverly Hills, CA, chiropractor recommends yoga, exercise, physical therapy, and massage. For severe back pain, prescription medication or injections may be recommended. Your chiropractor can treat any pain remaining.

Your Local Chiropractor in Beverly Hills, CA

If you're suffering from lower back pain, book your appointment with a chiropractor at Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group. Call 310-357-0366. We can provide you with the care you need to succeed. Learn more by talking to the staff at our office in Beverly Hills, CA. 


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "They care and have a nice time doing it. I am thinking of going back again, but I am too embarrassed about not having continued with the exercises he prescribed. He said, Do them or you will come back here with worse...and guess what? I am too embarrassed to go back! But still will, I think..."
    Sydney J.
  • "Dr.Dan and his staff are the best! This team runs like a well oiled machine. They work diligently to get you in and out on time for your appointment. I tweaked my back and Dr.Dan and his staff helped me get back on my feet in now time! I highly recommend them."
    Tonissa M.