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Beverly Hills Chiropractor Targets Sports Injury Rehab with Physical Therapy

beverly_hills_chiropractor_physical_therapy.jpgPhysical therapy is one of the services available in our Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group clinic. We offer urgent care medical services and chiropractic care in one place. Our Beverly Hills chiropractor will use a combination of treatments to provide effective pain relief for your injuries. If you are suffering from back pain and neck pain due to a sports injury or personal injury we can help you. Our comprehensive medical office has chiropractors and  physical therapists who help our doctors develop treatment plans for sports injury rehab, whiplash and more.

Physical Therapy Helps Patients Achieve Neck and Back Pain Relief 

Our Beverly Hills chiropractor offers physical therapy and exercise therapy to injury patients. Whether you are recovering from sports injuries or other types of personal injuries, our chiropractor will assist you with fast, effective pain relief. Sports injury rehab consists of exercises that will help restore range of motion to injured areas. Passive stretching is another physical therapy exercise that is used to reduce muscular spasms which tend to occur after an injury. As you are recuperating from your injury, our Beverly Hills chiropractic team will begin to teach you exercises that you can do at home to speed up the recovery process and help keep your muscles strong and functioning.

There are some different types of exercises our chiropractor and physical therapist will have you perform to focus on specific parts of your body affected by your injury. Cervical/Thoracic exercises target back and neck injuries. These exercises are designed to strengthen the back and neck while providing pain relief for back and neck pain. If you are suffering from whiplash or upper spinal injuries, you can benefit from these physical therapy exercises.

Lumbar exercises are commonly used to help with flexibility and strength in the lower back. These exercises complement chiropractic spinal adjustments like spinal decompression, which assist in back pain relief. These therapeutic exercises are used to treat sports injuries like back strains and sprains as well as personal injuries such as a slip and fall accident that has injured your lumbar region.

Activities of Daily Living therapy or ADL therapy is used in physical therapy Beverly_Hills_Chiropractor_relieves_neck_pain.jpgprograms for pain relief and rehabilitation. The ADL therapy is useful if you are suffering from a debilitating injury that is going to take a long time to heal. Athletes who play rougher sports such as football, basketball and soccer are often treated with ADL. If you have had a knee replacement or a serious fracture, then you may require ADL treatment. This treatment requires daily therapy visits in order to get your body healed and functioning properly. Physical therapy combined with massage therapy and spinal decompression is a powerful combination. These treatments used together will provide substantial pain relief for you in your sports injury rehab program or other rehabilitation programs.

Physical therapy is a safe, non-invasive treatment that is proven to improve flexibility and mobility and relieve back pain and neck pain. Our Beverly Hills chiropractor is dedicated to treating your injuries with the latest chiropractic methods and complementary treatments to get you on the road to recovery. Our Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group clinic offers convenient urgent care services as well as chiropractic care and physical therapy services.